Kaede Hashimoto

Kaede Hashimoto is a male Flower Elf.

He was born August 31, 11562, New Imperial Calendar in the Imperial Palace.

His father was Prince Hiro Hashimoto, son of Emperor Takahiro Hashimoto, Emperor of The Elven Empire of the Pleiades, Emperor of East Hyperborea.

His mother was an anonymous surrogate.

Able to walk and talk at 3 months, Kaede’s genius was nurtured and his education was well funded.

On his first birth he meet Sora, Akiko, Izanami, Mako and Miko.

Graduating from school aged seven, Kaede went onto study Navigation at University, where he invented a Digital Telescope that was put into orbit.

Soon after turning eight, Kaede became the youngest champion in Go, then embarked on a long process of studying Electronics Engineering and set about researching improvements to the existing quantum computers, fusion power and the Artificial Cell.

With his later discovery of a vast field of Lonsdaleite, a substance seventy times harder than a diamond, used to coat star-ships.

Kaede became the wealthiest in the Empire, and with his grandfather forced to step down with his father crippled and in a coma, Kaede at age twelve become Emperor.

The Empire was running out of liquid fuel for automobiles, planes and heavy lift transports.

A vast conspiracy to topple the Empire was in motion with pirates attacking the Exodus transports, and now the pirates aimed to kill Kaede…