Origin Story

In the beginning the Elves were the first race to appear on Terra. They stepped out of the Land of Light fully formed on the edge of the Gobi Inland Sea.

On top of the world, the Elves built the great kingdom of Hyperborea, the land beyond the north wind. Hyperborea was the first civilization, the birthplace of philosophy, art, technology, and magic.

When the Giants stepped out of the Land of Light fully formed, they were welcomed, educated and given a home by the Elves. The Giants worked timber and farmed the land. A hardworking, honest, and caring, people, the Elves shared the bounty of Hyperborea with them.

When the Dwarfs Giants stepped out of the Land of Light fully formed, they were welcomed, educated and given a home by the Elves. The Dwarfs worked iron and polished gems. Hardworking, honest, and caring, the Elves shared the bounty of Hyperborea with them.

When the Goblins appeared, unlike Elves, Giants or Dwarfs, they stepped out of the dark. Yet they were welcomed, educated and given a home. The Goblins were lazy and worshiped gold. The mischievous and greedy Goblins preferred to take, not make. They lied, used emotional manipulation and stole. The Elves expelled them from Hyperborea, the inhabited grass sea on the great plains from the western edge of the Gobi inland sea to the Mediterranean Sea.

The Orcs were the second race to step out of the dark. They were welcomed, educated and given a home. At first, the Orcs were peaceful and protected animals from hunters who killed for sport. Strong and proud, but they would bully those smaller and weaker than them to work the land while they got drunk. Eventually, the Elves expelled them from Hyperborea. They inhabited the mountains of central Europa.

The Ogre stepped out of the dark, they were welcomed, educated and given a home. Most of the world was covered in ice, thus land and resources were limited. The Ogres did not respect borders. They did not respect laws. They did as they pleased. They raped, they stole and killed.

It took a war to expel to Ogre from Hyperborea, which fragmented into seven kingdoms: East Hyperborea; West Hyperborea; Central Hyperborea;; South Hyperborea; The Sahara; North Amazonia and South Amazonia.

The Ogres created the beast-man to make their armies more powerful. The second ice war destroyed many cities, but unable land on well-fortified Hyperborea, the war ground to a halt.

The end of the ice age was near, a slow melt had begun. Keen to control the world, the Ogres, aided by Dark Elves, rebuilt their armies. They created homo sapiens and the Dragons.

The Third Ice War pushed the Elves back to the Northern edge of the ice.

The Elves created Unicorns and the Pegasus to use as mounts. However, the Elves were unable to defend most of Hyperborea and forced to retreat,

West Hyperborea was cut off from Central Hyperborea and East Hyperborea. King Adamos, the first king and his second wife, Queen Eve, were found to aided the creation of the dragons, to prolong the war. They were executed by Dain, son of Adamos and his first wife, Lilith.

Near defeat in the West, the fortunes of war turned against the Ogres when an army of Flower Elves cross the Gobi sea, took the Dragon Fortress and formed a treaty with the Dragons.

Facing a humiliating defeat, the Dark Elves blasted the ice caps and accelerated the melting of the ice.

The Elves could not stop the ice from melting, so the Elves built ships, as many as they could. But they build ships not just themselves, but all races.

After the flood, the world was in ruins. The Gobi sea, the Sahara and the grass sea were turning to desert, ocean levels rose.

The Elves began the Exodus, first to Mars, then a thousand years later to the Pleiades.

By the end of the twelfth century, there was no pure-blooded Elf, Giant, Dwarf, Goblin, Orc, or Ogre left on Earth.

By the fourteenth century very few records remained, with most rewritten, accept for a few texts that recorded a great civilization that build iron ships without sail, with craft that flew over mountains, and been to other planets.