The Western Winged Dragon

The Green Western Winged Dragon is a six-meter long dark green skinned winged dinosaur with scales. It has a long reptilian tail, a long narrow jaw with conical teeth, long rear legs with claws and small forearms with claws. It has huge bat-like wings. It has huge yellow eyes with the pupil a vertical slit like a gecko.

The Red Winged Dragon is a one-meter long red skin winged dinosaur with a short reptilian tail, a medium-sized jaw like an alligator, and its short arms and legs are the same length and have three-toed claws. It is a 1 m carnivore the feeds on fish and small animals. It has bat-like wings. It can walk upright but is faster on all fours.

The Blue Winged Dragon is a 40 cm tall winged dinosaur with pale grey skin covered in bright blue feathers. It has feathers with wings and a tail like a bird, a short beak that has a jiggered razor edge on top. It has two short legs with sharp claws with a long sharp spur.