A race of thin, androgynous people. There are seven races, Aquatic, Field, Flower, Forest, Mountain, Night, and Silver, with common features.
They have dense muscles with soft and flawless skin. If their hair is not cut regularly, it will grow to their feet. Their nails will grow into sharp claws if not filed down.
They a heart shaped faces with a high forehead, high cheekbones, a narrow round chin with a wide mouth and thin lips. They have slightly longer canine teeth, all their teeth are sharp.
They have pointed ears, but each tribe a distinct ear pattern. All Elves have long tongues averaging 12cm, small noses and long fingers.
Males do not have facial hair until over 1000 years old. Adults have fine body hair, including pubic hair. Their pubic hair doesn’t thicken until middle age.
All Elves have exceptional senses, some better than other. Forest Elves have a better sense of smell, capable of telling each other apart by scent within a metre. All Elves can see in the dark, Night Elves can see in the dark the furthest.
All Elves have seven senses. The sixth sense, known as electrical detection, which comes from special sensing organs, called electroreceptors, on their palms of their hands, the base of their soles and on both sides of their necks. They are too small to be visible. They can detect the small electrical fields generated by most animals.
The seventh sense is linked to the sixth, vibration detection. The seventh sensory organ is also on the neck, a lateral line either side of the neck. It is a thin visible line down the side of the neck. It is used to detect vibrations and changes in pressure around them.
Both the sixth and seventh senses work better underwater and in the cold. It makes Elves vulnerable to pulses used to repel sharks. Elves are vulnerable to sonic weapons that stun or incapacitate.
All Elves are stronger, smarter, more agile, and healthier than Dwarves and Giants. Most adult Elves can complete a marathon without shortness of breath. Having higher tolerance to heat and cold, Elves rarely perspire. They have only a faint body odour.
Elves can digest raw meat, bird, fish, mushrooms, nuts, and vegetables. Elves can eat some mushrooms that have a mild toxin with no ill effect.
Elves are completely androgynous, that is they have no difference in average height, weight, strength, appearance between male and female from the same tribe. Male even have the same facial, skeleton frame, hand, and foot size as a female Elf.
Elves are just biologically comparable with other races, able to breed with, Dwarves and Giants, even Ogre, Orcs, and Goblins. Unlike other races, they can breed with Daemon and Centaur. But they unable to share their blood, organs, or skin tissue with other races, but can do with other Elves. Elves all have the same blood type. Their blood has a higher salt content that taints their plasma blue.
All male Elves are born appearing female. Males do have a Y chromosome, they have a vagina with no uterus. The ovaries are testicles and remain internal. Usually, for a male, the clitoris will grow into a penis at puberty. On average occurs between the ages of twelve and fifteen. Sometimes males will develop small breasts. Rare, but sometimes a male will not develop a penis.
Elves do not have genetic defects. They engineered out genetic diseases and defects except for the deficiency that causes males to be born with a female appearance. They do not see this as a defect, nor are they ashamed.
Females outnumber males ten to one. Thus, males can marry many females at the same time. Females once ruled society, but went too far, and enslaved the males. Adamos led a revolt long ago and established the Amazon accord that gave males positions of power.
Elves have a high tolerance to heat, and cold, with a low perspiration rate.
Female Elves usually experience menopause around 900 years old. Their period ranges from 28 to 84 days apart. Infertile females are rare. Pregnancy lasts from eighteen to twenty months, with twins been exceedingly rare, and most twins are two females. Most twins are not identical.
Elves health is beyond that of other races with most mental illness rare. Elves are immune to almost all virus and bacteria, except influenza and powerful bacterial infection.
Elves age at the same rate as other races until 18, then age at a very slow rate, with an average lifespan of 1500 years without the use of magic. Most Elves have children between 18 and 30, they call púca, and prefer to live in a close family group.
All Elves have a high pain tolerance and can survive wounds that would kill a Giant. Elves can regenerate most light wounds to any part of their body. An average adult can pull a broken tooth with no pain and within a day, regrow a replacement. Elves can fully regenerate a mildly broken bone, some nerve damage and mild organ damage, even to the brain. Most moderate wounds Elves can recover quickly from but are scared for life. A severe injury, such as the loss of limb is permanent. Some injuries that would kill others do not always kill an Elf, but will not an Elf fully recover from an extreme wound. When an Elf dies, their body does not decay for at least a week, while most races can’t be revived after minutes, Elves can be revived easy within hours of death, and days using magic.
Elves are the most advanced race technologically, they also have a very tolerant society. They have a moral code based on liberty, free speech, and justice. However, these rights come with limits. While they restrict political freedom, they are not as restrictive on personal liberty. Elves accept homosexuality and other consenting adult relationships, but the majority live in groups of one male with many females. Elven females are rarely adulterous, but an abusive relationship can break the emotional bonds. Hypergamy is rare. Males rarely abandon their wives, but some will only marry a few. Most males don’t have a brother, but many sisters.
Elves rarely divorce, but divorce is easy. All adults must keep a register of assets. Most land and homes belong to clans. Wives have no community property rights, and children belong to the clan of their father. Divorce is a matter of going to the Blood-Witches, signing a declaration, and settling any jointly owned property. The female must then vacate the family home with only her property. Joint banking is rare, and the female is expected to contribute to the household. The average wage can support a male with three females each with one púca.
Elves are protective of their species and bloodlines. They limit all breeding with non-Elves. It is not illegal, but Elves are discouraged from having children with members of other tribes. It is discouraged to breed with non-Elves.
Birth control is mandatory for both males and females. Having children is licenced. Having a child without a permit, the parents are neutered and the child raised by the state.
Most Elves live in clans, that is a group of three or more related families.
A house is a term for the top single richest families.
Elves have a natural maximum magic force rating of seven.