The Empire of Elves

Book 1: The Boyhood of Kaede

After the fall of Tir Na Nog, Elves left Earth and established a temporary home on Mars while they explored the stars. Discovering many new worlds, they built a large fleet and began a long exodus.
Centuries later, Kaede Hashimoto, a flower Elf and the grandson of the Emperor, is born. However, Kaede is no ordinary child.
The Empire has seen mostly peace, but times are changing. As Ogres, Goblins, and even other Elves routinely attack transports, the Empire struggles to meet fuel demands to maintain its massive fleet.
Follow Kaede’s journey as he grows up and discovers his purpose in life.

Book 2: Power Games

Kaede is growing up fast, and Emperor Takahiro is grooming Kaede to be his replacement. Facing many changes in his life, with little control over his life, Kaede goes with the flow and learns to start taking advantage.
Along the way, Kaede makes new friends, sets himself goals and builds his popularity.
Privy to secret information, and backed by the Emperor’s wealth and influence, Kaede builds a business empire.
However, the pirates have not given up, and events lead to a deadly confrontation that will change Kaede’s life forever.