wirelesswirelessThe highest level of technology. No one knows why some races have a higher force than others. But anyone can use a casting device, which is though controlled by a nano-quantum computer, which typically found in the bulb at the end of a wand.

The technology is simple, a casting device gathers Aether from the wielder using charged Orichalcum mesh, which then traps the Aether inside the vacuum tube, then the nano-quantum computer translates the spell formula in radio waves and then releases the charged Aether.

An Aether battery is a device that traps Aether inside a glass vacuum tube until the charge in the mesh runs out.

While magic appears to defy logic, it does follow the laws of physics. Force governs how powerful a spell is. A caster can try to cast over their magic rating, the feedback causes physical harm to the caster, unless they cast in a ritual.

Using more force means more fatigue to caster and more time wielder needs to charge the casting device. The more fatigue, the harder it is to cast spells. While small fatigue takes seconds, a moderately fatigued caster takes minutes to recover, then as the casters fatigue grows, it takes hours to recover. Risking loss of consciousness if they continue casting spells without pause.

The small amount of electricity needed to power casting devices comes from a thermocouple and is stored in a micro-sized zero-point energy system. Only some electricity is to power the computer in the bulb, and the interface, which is a device that can detect the wielder’s thoughts and transmit data to the wielder. The casting device uses wireless to connect to tablets, phones, or computers, but it needs the casters mana and will power to cast spells. Most of the electricity is used to draw, store, and change Aether, which is powered by mana from the caster.

Energy beings, such as Archon, have the natural abilities considered magical.

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